About Us

Never Agents is an online digital platform that has been created to reform the way how professional footballers are bought, sold and loaned.

Our platform will allow members to take complete control of their future contractual negotiations without use of agents.

Safe secure platform with 2FA authentication which gives members an added layer of privacy and security.

The platform also offers online legal advice, mediation and mentoring from ex footballers, professionals and life coaches to guide members through their careers as they grow.

Never Agents will be of benefit to clubs, sponsors and players globally and it will allow a common marketplace where all members can communicate freely without delay.

Our (NACP) Never Agents Communications Portal gives 24/7 access to members whether it is sms, voice or video conferencing with over 200 languages translated online, members who only speak one language can communicate with other members freely.

Face to Face video conferencing allows members to discuss the fine details of contracts in complete secure privacy.

Never Agents top third party sports mediators can assist if negotiations between members break down at any stage.

The Never Agents ethos is to simplify the trade and transit of footballers globally under our membership scheme and prepare members for a professional career as a footballer.

Never Agents will work with all concerned parties to address the situation regarding Under 17-23-year-old footballers who do not make it at desired clubs and must refocus career goals.

Our software will match player by position possible loan deals on a global basis which gives our members a greater opportunity of finding clubs.

Never Agents will build statistical analysis of players so all relevant data will be available to club and sponsor members at the touch of a button.